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Submit Your Request by the Second Wednesday of the Month
To be reviewed at the next Architectural Committee meeting, you must submit your request before 5:00 PM on the second Wednesday of that month. Requests received after that time will be reviewed the following month.
To submit an Architectural Approval Request, please go to your Resident Portal
Note: Occasionally, a request does not go through. If you haven't received a response from Kamin Havens within 24 hours, please email Kamin directly:
Download: Architectural Design Guidelines (pdf format)

General Guidelines

  • Read the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R's), Article 4, Section 3a, and Architectural Design Guidelines to ensure compliance.
  • Files to attach:
    • Scale drawing of the lot showing the location of proposed improvement and measurements to perimeter walls
    • Photos/brochures that show the type of materials and colors
  • Documents made by contractors, architects, etc., as appropriate
  • Avoid vague comparisons like "same as existing"
  • Be as specific as possible and include visual aids.

Specific Landscape Guidelines

  • Avoid plants or rock color as prohibited in the Approved Landscape Plan, exhibit 1 of the Architectural Design Guidelines.
  • Submit a scale drawing of the landscape plans and ensure that all plants and materials are correctly labeled.
  • Approved ground materials must cover all bare earth and provide a dust-free and neat appearance. These may include turf, decomposed granite, or other natural rock, as listed in the guidelines.

Specific Paint Guidelines

  • All painting/decorating of an exterior surface, regardless of the color, requires Board approval.
  • Identify the location where you plan to apply each color (e.g., main body, trim, pop-outs, front door, etc.)
  • You may submit more than one color choice for approval; number your choices in order of priority.
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