Community Info
Recycling day is Monday, Trash Day is Thursday.
The City of Mesa just created a useful and comprehensive Mesa Resource Guide. Check it out.
Draining your Pool
The proper way to drain your pool is to pump it into the Main Drain in front of your house. It looks like a black plastic round thing in the ground, within a foot or two of your house.  It may be beneath gravel.
Trash/Recycle Cans
Help beautify our neighborhood by keeping your Trash and Recycle cans out of sight from the street.  Bring them to the street after 5PM the day before; put them away the same day of service. Can goes in the street, wheels against the curb.  Your neighbors appreciate it!
Community Advisory E-Mail
The Community Advisory E-Mail program allows our Community Manager to send e-mails to homeowners advising of important happenings in our community like burglary warnings, lost and found pets, etc.  To receive these e-mails,  sign up on Contact Us.

Homeowner Warning
The Association's real landscape company will never approach you in your home.  If someone comes to your door asking to get to your back yard to trim trees, or if they claim to be the security-alarm company (when you didn't call them), say "No thank you", close and lock the door, and call 911.
City of Mesa
Plenty of information is available on the City of Mesa web site.
Mesa, Phoenix Crime Map:
Landscaping - Trimming 2020