Augusta Ranch utilizes the services of a private security company to help keep our community safe and protect our assets. VALLEY WIDE SERVICES provides these services for Augusta Ranch. Visit their company website by clicking HERE

Monthly Security Summary for Augusta Ranch

Patrol Service

VALLEY WIDE SERVICES provides multiple uniformed and DPS certified security officers to patrol our community every day. The security officers patrol the community in a highly visible marked patrol car and are radio dispatched by VWS's dispatch center.

As a resident, feel free to contact our security officers by calling the VWS dispatch center at 480-777-0228. Our patrol car is equipped with an on-board computer and can be contacted directly by utilizing the "Suspicious Activity" button on this website. They can be contacted for any of the issues listed below. For Emergencies call 911. For other Law Enforcement issues please contact the Mesa Police Department at their Non-Emergency number 480-644-2211.

  • HOA parking enforcement
  • HOA parks/common area patrol
  • Random community patrol
  • Open door notification to residents
  • Vandalism reduction
  • Unauthorized sign removal
  • Sprinkler malfunction notification
  • Street light outage notification
  • Hazard notification
  • Shopping cart removal
  • Noise complaints (barking dogs, loud parties, etc.)
  • Identify items in need of repair

Our Security has been instrumental in helping the Mesa Police Department reduce crime in Augusta Ranch. They have helped the Mesa Police Department reduce residential burglaries by notifying residents when garage or other doors are left open. They have also helped solve Hit & Run, Reckless Driving, Missing Persons, Criminal Damage, Graffiti, Burglary, Auto Theft, and Disturbance cases.

Security Tips

  • If you leave a vehicle parked in your driveway, do not leave the garage door opener inside it. If the opener is built in to your vehicle, then use the LOCK button on the button panel inside your garage to lock the garage door from the inside.
  • Keep your garage door closed when not in use. If you crack the door for ventilation, be aware the door can be opened and your premises accessed by an intruder.  If our security staff sees your garage door is open at night, they will come to your front door to remind you to close it. Whenever our security staff makes contact with residents after hours they will park directly in front of your house with the emergency lights on, so that you will know who is knocking on your door.
  • No HOA gardeners or security/alarm company people should ask to enter your home without your prior invitation. Solicitations: Anyone coming to your door soliciting is required to have a "Solicitors License" from the City of Mesa. Ask to see it, if they don't, notify the Mesa Police Department and our Security.

Crime Stats

Interested in seeing how our community is fairing regarding crime? The Crime Reports web site can show you locations of various types of crime.  Zoom in on Augusta Ranch to see details.