Policies & Procedures

The HOA's duty is to enforce the CC&Rs originally written for all homes in our neighborhood, as consistently as possible over many many years. Some of our policies and procedures include:

Installation of Satellite Dish - Policy

Painting & Changes To Homes, Yards - see Architectural Requests and Paint Palettes

Barking Dog Complaint Policy - see Barking Dog Complaints - Fine Policy Amendment 2012

Parking Policy - Overnight Parking Request

Collections Policy 

Common Area Tree Removal Policy

Common Area Tree Trimming Policy

Fine Policy

Homeowners vs Common Walls Policy

Parking Policy

Painting Policy

Social Media Policy

Trespassing Policy

Flag Policy

Recycle and Garbage Can visibility from street

In no event shall such container be maintained so as to be Visible from Neighboring
Property except to make the same available for collection not more than 12 hours
prior to collection and stored in a location not visible from neighboring property
within 12 hours of collection.

 See also: Governing Documents