Garage Sales/Classified
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Dear Augusta Ranch Residents,
Addresses & List of Items For Sale HERE

Saturday, April 14th from 7AM-2PM is the community garage sale. I have attached the list of participants and some big ticket items they will be selling. To advertise your location for outside shoppers please use a box anchored with a rock. Do not tape signs to poles or mailboxes. They will be removed from security. Please remember to remove the boxes at the end of the garage sale. 

Don't forget the Goodwill truck will be in the golf course parking lot from 12PM-3PM to take all items that don't sell or your simply want to donate. All proceeds will go the Desert Ridge Choir through the Cash for Pounds program.
There will be a licensed hot dog stand at 9945 E. Medina Ave. All proceeds will be donated to Mending Hearts Family Services.